MEL'S JUST RELEASED GOSPEL ALBUM: “THE MASTER'S HAND ”… Mel is extremely excited for people to hear his new CD on which he has worked so hard and has put so much time and effort into. Every aspect of this carefully chosen and crafted collection of inspirational songs is superb. The music will delight your ears and the words will lift your spirit.

In a recent interview with him he stated: "Whenever I hear the phrase "gospel music" I tend to think of the songs I heard in my youth - such great songs as "Amazing Grace", "The Old Rugged Cross", "We shall Gather At The River", etc. When I started to get serious about my desire to one day do a gospel album, I found myself drawn to songs that give a great spiritual message, but in a slightly different way. Not only can we have upbeat melodies, but also put a lighter spin on the choice of songs. A perfect example of this is on a brand new song, never before recorded, written by Tom Rich titled "I Think About It Anyway" - a great song you'll find alluring and wanting to sing along with. For those who like a more reverent tone, there are such beautiful songs as "One pair Of Hands", "Someone Above", "In The Garden" and "The Master's hand". And for those who enjoy my kind of good old "Southern Gospel", there are those songs that will make you want to clap your hands and stomp your feet...such as "So High", my version of "I'm Working On The Building", and more!

Mel uses his unique means to drive home the gospel message in each and every one of these songs. So sit back, listen to these wonderful spiritual tunes that will uplift and put a smile on your face!


MEL'S LATEST RELEASE: “FROM MEL IN NASHVILLE - TRIED, TRUE & NEW”… This latest album truly encompasses, and ‘sets on fire' Mel's own unique style… this IS Mel's landmark album. With the help and guidance by one of the best producers in the business, and accompanied by Nashville's greatest handpicked musicians, this album represents a combination of everything Mel loves: country, blues, soul, pop, and a touch of gospel. The time spent searching for just the right combination of songs has been time well spent, and what has been put together here is Mel's best album yet!


RADIO PLAY… Since Mel's association with Ross Allen at “HILLCREST RADIO MARKETING SERVICE” (promoters for independent country artists heard worldwide), he's been receiving great feedback from many countries besides the U.S.A. Switzerland, New Zealand, Austria, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark and Japan just to name a few. The comments from the 600+ radio stations playing Mel's music include: – “Every track a gem!”, “He's a favorite”, “Better than Elvis”, “All his songs are great”, “we want more”.… His music is greatly desired in those countries and they have been anxiously awaiting his next album release.


MEL'S CHRISTMAS ALBUM: “MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS”… Mel's selection of songs, and the way they have been creatively arranged and expressed, make each selection uniquely his.

As Mel says: “The word Christmas is so powerful – loaded with many thoughts of love, family, laughter, and of course music. Christmas has always been a time for music – every home should be filled with it. My hope is that this collection of songs will bring you the same warm, wonderful feelings I get when I sing them.”


RELEASE OF MEL'S NEW SINGLE: “MINE”… Mel is releasing his new single “Mine”…and get this….he's offering it free of charge as a “Thank You” to all of his fans for their support in helping to make his first album “Weakness In A Man” a success.

Mel has performed this song many times at weddings and special events. He's had many requests to release this song as a single, so here it is. It's a very romantic and meaningful love ballad that expresses so much emotion, and Mel's way of expressing these emotions are heartfelt.

So enjoy! Just click over to the “Shop” page for your FREE MP3 download.


POLISH CONNECTION… Mel is fast becoming a singer of great interest in Poland, as well as in the U.S. It all started back in January, 2007 with a gentleman by the name of Przemek Draheim. He is the host of two blues radio shows there, along with one gospel show. He had listened to Mel's music, liked it a lot, and asked for permission to present Mel's music on his shows.

It went over very well with his listeners, the word spread, and Przemek asked Mel to give an interview for publication in a Polish Cultural Forum there. They were very interested to hear about him, and his music… very positive feedback followed.


RELEASE OF MEL'S DEBUT ALBUM: “WEAKNESS IN A MAN”… Mel Gibson, the talented singer from Sacramento, California, has released his debut CD, “Weakness In A Man'; a collection of songs that leave the listener wanting for more. Mel's smooth, mellow timbre, melds wonderfully with these songs of love and longing; songs that successfully blend the genres of country, blues, and adult contemporary pop.

With these 12 great songs, Mel demonstrates his marvelous versatility, timing, phrasing and indefinable romantic appeal that sets him apart from all others.



A Note From Don Reed:
Affinity Music / Don Reed Productions, Inc.

"I've been in this business for over 40 years and occasionally someone crosses my path with a talent that surpasses the norm.  Mel fits that category excessively so.  The passion, the feeling, and the conviction that he puts into his interpretation of a song is a true expression of a real talent.  He injects what I call 'attitude' into every song he sings.  So, get ready...sit back and let Mel entertain you."


Radiondy Review

Author: Xavier P. for (

Mel Gibson's "Weakness In A Man" has it all! This concoction of blues and easy-listening tunes meld into one irresistible CD! Opening with Elvis-reminiscent "Reconsider Baby", listeners are drawn in by the energetic, upbeat blues sounds of the band and Mel Gibson's classic, smooth vocal tone! Variety is a staple in "Weakness In A Man". Slowing things down are the beautiful and emotional ballads "If We Don't Use Love" and "Am I Ready". Moreover, the title track stands out as a musically captivating composition, and reiterates Mel Gibson's gift for crafting lyrics that are heart-felt, sincere, and poetic. Hailing professional productiion, this new release should be on the shelves of every Elvis Presley or Engelbert Humperdinck fan! Pick up a copy today!

**SPECIAL NOTE: Mel has also just recently achieved Gold artist status with, and was presented with their "Gold Artist Award". They screen thousands of songs by indie artists and name the best artists " Gold Artists". Congratulations on your award Mel!

Please check back soon for more News Updates from Mel